Prices and FAQ

This section provides information on Licensing, Prices and Frequently Asked Questions. If you require further information that is not covered here please contact us using the links in the Contact Section

IMPORTANT DO NOT STEAL IMAGES FROM THIS WEBSITE - Minimum Price for unauthorised web based image use (Copyright Infringement) such as personal websites/blogs etc is £1,000.00 We also reserve the right to recover all legal costs.
How can I purchase an image license?
Image licences for advertising, editorial and commercial use can be purchased in 2 ways.

1. By contacting David directly at Bluestone Images with your requirements and quoting the reference number of the images you are interested in.

2. Search and Download online 24/7 at Alamy Images Search Stock photography by David Forster at Alamy. Please note prices will differ from those above

Please can you explain Licensing?
When viewing images the type of license that can be purchased is indicated by the letters RF and L/RM.

Images are available as:
RF = Royalty Free
L/RM = Rights Managed, Fixed Term, Single Use, Exclusive etc.

Explanation regarding image licensing

Royalty Free (RF) is a straight forward license where the buyer pays a single fee and can use the image as many times as they like on multiple projects. Other buyers can also purchase the image for use in their own projects.

The Standard License (L or RM) means that the buyer pays a fee each time the image is used. The buyer does not have exclusive rights on that image and other buyers may also purchase a license as well. This type of license can also be used for an agreed length of time eg. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year etc. The client may be able to negotiate exclusive rights as well (see note below)

Exclusive use of an image is also possible for images marked (L), providing of course a standard license has not already been purchased by another client. If you would like to have exclusive use of an image please contact us to check availability.

Client Budgets
We do recognise that some clients have a fixed pricing budget. Please feel free to contact us without obligation we are always happy to assist you.

How are your images supplied?
This very much depends on your needs. We can send proofs and high quality JPEG files as email attachments. Where high-resolution images such as 50MB TIFF files are required, we will supply images on CD/DVD. Should you wish to purchase and download files on line immediately, please visit Alamy Images who act as online agents for us. Online 24/7 at Alamy Images Stock photography by David Forster at Alamy

What type of files are the images supplied as?
Most clients request JPEG, or TIFF files, set to a resolution of 300dpi in RGB colour format, however if you require something different we will of course do our best to meet your needs.

Do you use 35mm transparency format or digital?
Up until 2003 we mainly used 35mm Fuji Velvia and Sensia film. However we now use Canon digital cameras such as the 21MP Canon 5D mk2 which is capable of producing images that are superior to a scanned 35mm transparency.

The images on your site are quite small, why do you not make them bigger?
The reason images appear quite small (400ppi - 600ppi at 72 dpi) is to help us reduce opportunities for breaches of Copyright and anyone downloading an image will only be able to use it in a limited way due to its size. We could of course make the images larger, but we would then need to place a copyright notice across the image. This we feel detracts from the impact and would allow anyone with basic image manipulation software to remove it. If you would like full size proofs/examples for your project, please let us know and we will email these to you. Again without any obligation to use them.

We do value your comments and opinions please let us know how we can improve our service to meet your needs. Equally if you have any comments (good or bad) about the images you see here please let us know.